Google Rolls Out Ad Frequency Targeting For Buy YouTube Subscribers Campaigns

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With the rollout of target frequency, Google is offering advertisers more control over the number of times people see their ads on Buy YouTube Subscribers.

Formerly, managing ad frequency on Buy YouTube Subscribers was only possible when running connected TV projects in Google Display & Video 360.

Now, the target frequency ability is internationally available for all advertisers running Buy YouTube Subscribers projects.

In a blog post, Google describes how target frequency can assist advertisers reach their goals without irritating viewers with a lot of advertisements:

“This will assist marketers enhance towards more precise reach and frequency, while guaranteeing that we continue to supply an ideal advertising experience for viewers. Target frequency enables advertisers to pick a frequency objective of as much as four each week and our systems will enhance towards optimum distinct reach at that desired frequency.”

Increase Advertisement Frequency Without Disrupting ROI

There’s constantly a threat of diminishing returns when repeatedly revealing people the very same advertisement.

Ultimately, you’ll reach a point where viewers tune out, and the added impressions drive less sales.

Google acknowledges that seeing the same ad is frustrating for audiences and wasteful for marketers.

A Google-commissioned study discovers that TV marketers’ ROI decreases by 41% when the frequency goes beyond 6+ weekly impressions, representing 46% of TV impressions served.

That’s nearly half of impressions squandered, Google says:

“Nearly half of the linear television impressions in our research study were considered waste however the exact same research study from Nielsen reveals that brands can increase their average weekly frequency from one to 3 on Buy YouTube Subscribers with a constant ROI.

This is a substantial chance for online marketers to optimize their impact across the very same set of individuals they are currently reaching today.”

With target frequency, Google intends to help marketers increase impressions without adversely impacting ROI.

Marketers can select the frequency target, and Google will enhance toward maximum distinct reach at the frequency objective.

In screening, Google states over 95% of target frequency campaigns on Buy YouTube Subscribers attained their frequency goals when established following advised finest practices.


Target frequency is available around the world to all Google Ads marketers.

To start using a frequency-optimized campaign, create a new video reach project with the objective set to target frequency, and then choose the preferred weekly frequency.

Source: Google
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